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Stand Up Warriors 23
Official PPV Live Stream

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    Stand Up Warriors -
  • Venue
    Classic City Center, 3375 County Road 427, Waterloo, Indiana 46793
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Fight Card

Main Event:
Ruben Garcia vs Tyger Banks 135lbs Pro Title

Co-Main Event
Jason Fann vs Landen Harvey 205lbs Pro

Featured Ammy Events
Blaine Archambeau vs Tony Donovic 155lbs Title
Ronnie Burton vs Bryan Gonzalez 125lbs Title
Jon Crocello vs Jahlill Barnes 135 Top Contendor

Ammy Bouts
Joe Bobe vs Seth Dunn 185lbs
John Phan vs AJ Frazer 125lbs
Ben Burlew vs Michael Bond 155lbs
Derrick Apking vs Eddie Cox 155lbs
Andrew Beaver vs Michael Chen 145lbs
Ben Philips vs Nolan Linker 175lbs
Luke Tietjen vs Lee Jackson 145lbs

Nathan Hedger vs Tyler Hampton
Kris Almonte vs Jesse Roman 205lbs
Jordan Crider vs Jason Roland 175lbs
Bishop Slabaugh vs Levi Fuller 165lbs
Tyler Monroe vs Mauritius Mitchell 145lbs
Zakariya Camara vs Taylor Draper 145lbs
Stone Lanstra vs Cody Bobe HW


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