Style Battle Wrestling Season 1 Episode 8
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
    Jan 14, 3:04PM ET/12:04PM PT
  • Duration
  • Replay
    Lifetime replay included
  • Genres
    Pro Wrestling
  • Channel
    WWNLive -
  • Rating
    4.5  Rate
  • Venue
    Saint Finbar Catholic Church Gym, 138 Bay 20th Street Brooklyn, NY


Style Battle features an eight man, single elimination tournament on every show. There will be nine Style Battles in a season. The 9th Style Battle will see the very best from the previous eight Style Battles compete to be season champion.

Here are the 8 competitors in this Style Battle:

-Nick Gage
-Joey Janela
-Joey Lynch
-Shane Mercer
-KTB (Kyle The Beast)
-Matt Riddle

Here's the brackets for the slide:

Bracket A:

WALTER vs. Nick Gage
Joey Janela vs. Joey Lynch

Bracket B:

Shane Mercer vs. KTB
Matt Riddle vs. Rayo


Style Battle Wrestling Season 1 Episode 8

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