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Subs on the Shore
San Pedro, CA
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Subs on the Shore has arrived on FITE!
On May 8th Subs on the Shore is live on FITE straight from San Pedro Elks Lodge in San Pedro, California! The event features 8 women bracket tournament in 125lbs division plus super fights!
Join FITE for the returning of women's freestyle wrestling!

Main Card
Sophia Casella EBI #1 – 10 – Min Samantha Currier
Nekiaya Jackson EBI #2 – 10 – Min Heather Raftery
Trinity Pun EBI #3 – 10 – Min Bre Stik
Amanda Bruse EBI #4 – 10 Min Samanatha Currier
Summer Artherton Brown Belt 120lb – 7 min Michelle Nunez
Loser of EBI#2 EBI #5 – 10 Min Loser of EBI #3
Winner of EBI #2 EBI #6 – 10 Min Winner of EBI #3
Sophia Casella EBI #7 – 10 Min Amanda Bruse
Ashleigh Reyes Brown Belt 115lb – 7 – Min Samantha Currier
Alejandra Gonzales Black Belt 170lb – 8- Min Alessandra Moss
Judy Gomes Black Belt 135lb Co-Main 8 Min Liz Exell
Winner of EBI #6 EBI FINALS Winner of Round robin

Purple belts
Therressa Calloway No-Gi 115lb 7 Min Laura Wortman
Kate Gondales No-Gi 105lb 7 Min Alyssa Garcia
Gina Megui No-Gi 120lb 7 Min Sherdian Lopez
Ashley Agostini No-Gi 140lb 7 Min Tajaree Bonds
Rhodes Farraday No-Gi 140lb 7 Min Cindy Zepeda
Julia Trevino Gi 125lb 7 Min Keziah Nunez

Blue belts and under
Hazel Vallejo Gi 115lb 5 Min Lei'a Foster
Josie Peres Gi 100lb 5 Min Marissa Alvarez
Kaiya Naughton Gi 100lb 5 Min Maya Nunez
Mady Montalvo scott Gi 97lb 5 min Isabell Pinda
Amara Rodriguez Gi 130lb 6 Min Rylee Kitchen
Sirauh Teng No-Gi 120lb 6 Min Shelby Castiilo
Sandy Luevano No-Gi 115lb 6min Jasmine thompson
Jaden ross Gi 150lb 6min Helen William
Melissa Sisneros No-Gi 115lb 6 Min Kristen Kahn
Jollene sunga Gi 110lb 6 min Esther Garwood
Savannah Valles No-Gi 140lb 6 Min Bianva Sofia Marshall
Taylor Ellis Gi 120lb 5 Min Mackenzie English
Ayana Contreras No-Gi 110 5 Min Natalie Perkins
Leilani Kahn No-Gi 60lb 5 Min Cassandra Gallegos

Poster and Selected Action

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