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H2O Wrestling
Subterranean Violence Vol. 666
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays



Main Event
Barbwire Cage Match:
Casanova Valentine vs "Bulldozer"Matt Tremont

6 Man Tag Team
Doors Ladders & Chairs Match:
The Fed - Jimmy Lloyd, Steve Sanders & Danny Gallagher vs YDNB - Jordan Oliver, Elils Taylor & Charlie Tiger

H20 Championship
Devil's Bull-Rope Match!
Drew Blood vs (c) Ron Mathis

Fans Bring The Weapons
"Lowlife" Louie Ramos vs Kit Osbourne

H20 Tag Team Championship Match
(c) Mitch Vallen & Jeff Cannonball vs Conor Claxton & Brandon Kirk

Singles Match (Non-Deathmatch)
Lucky 13 vs Frankie Pickard

7 Person Deathmatch Gauntlet:
Stockade, Devon Moore, Raven Havok, Mason Martin, Eddy Only, Marc Angel & MOUSE!

Texas Deathmatch, Last Man Standing:
Jimmy Chondo Lyon vs Chuck Payne

*Lineup subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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