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Superior Challenge 18
Simon Skold vs. Jerry Kvarnstrom
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Simon Sköld vs. Jerry Kvarnström
Nicholas Musoke vs. Daniel Acacio
Karl Albrektsson vs Joshua Stansbury
David Bielkheden vs. Marcin Bandel
Guram Kutateladze vs. Guilherme Cadena Martins
Michel Ersoy vs. Fouad Mesdari
Rostem Akman vs. Shah Hussain
Serdar Atlas vs. Bilal Musa
Bartosz Wojcikeiwicz vs. Lucas Tenorio
Adam Westlund vs. Christopher Basauri
Anna Astvik vs. Elin Oberg
Irman Smajic vs. Malik Jahmaze

Poster and Selected Action

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