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The Narrative
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When the world abandons you, you create your own.

Upon termination from corporate wrestling and a worldwide pandemic, "EC3" relinquishes his "Top One Percent" persona, destroys his past, and is reborn as "The Essential Character" in "The Narrative."

To #ControlYourNarrative is to "Tell Your Story." Free from the shackles of "creative teams" and "three letter brands" The Narrative is the first foray into this new world, this new idea.

Join ec3 as he symbolically accepts this harsh reality, walks through his past, and fights his most dangerous opponent.


In #TheNarrative there is no governing body, there is no "authority."

Fights are won by knockout, tapout, or you can't stand.

Those that step inside "The Narrative" seek:

To take back #Control

To fight for their #Freedom

To find their #Purpose

"The Narrative's" door is always open.

You never know who will come knocking next.

Poster and Selected Action

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