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The Narrative
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In "Lust" EC3 visits the true "underground."

A second foray into the unique concept "The Narrative" provides, EC3 continues his journey through the hellish landscape that is professional wrestling in search of an offering.

A sacrificial lamb.

Coproduced with No Peace Underground, EC3 walks into the true "underground." A dank, dark building, filled with low life's, lost souls, and the strong scent of stale beer.

"Lust" also features three unique monologues (promos)

- Scars

A reminder we all suffer from our past.

A reminder of the wounds we have and overcome.

A reminder scars are symbols.

- Conscious

Only you know the true thoughts that race through your mind.

What brought you here, and takes you where you need to go.

- Rapture

A reclamation of a professional wrestling industry that has been


Rapture is a declaration of intent with BIBLICAL proportions.

"The Narrative: Lust" is a lust for blood.

And there will be blood.

Poster and Selected Action

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