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Outlaw Monster Truck Drags
Round 1
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
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Driver: Rick Steffens
Body Style: Custom 3D Body
Engine: 565 Brad Anderson Hemi
Transmission: Coan Powerglide
Tires: 66”
Debut: 1983
Chassis: Patrick Enterprises, Inc.
Stinger Unleashed

Stinger Unleashed

Driver: Zane Rettew
Body Style: 2020 Offroad Custom
Engine: 540 BBC
Transmission: ATI 2spd Powerglide
Tires: 66” BKT Gen 3
Debut: 2011
Chassis: 2019 Cohan
Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Driver: Joe Sylvester
Body Style: 1979 Ford F-250
Engine: Midgette Motorsports 540 CI Chevrolet with TBS 871 blower
Transmission: Abruzzi Racing Powerglide
Tires: 66" Terra/Yokohama
Debut: 2006 (Original), 2019 (Relapse) 2020 (Relapse Competition Debut)
Chassis: Low CG designed by Eddie Mjka and built by Joe Sylvester and Eddie Majka
Pretty Wicked

Pretty Wicked

Driver: Lindsey Rettew
Body Style: 1979 Ford Bronco Soft Top
Engine: 540 BBC
Transmission: ATI 2 Spd Powerglide
Tires: 66” BKT Gen 1
Debut: 2019
Chassis: 2018 PEI
Rap Attack

Rap Attack

Driver: Mike Davis
Body Style: 2015 Chevy 2500
Engine: 572 Keith Black
Transmission: Turbo 400
Tires: 66" Terra
Debut: 1998
Chassis: Custom Built
FTI Torque

FTI Torque

Driver: Jack Brown
Body Style: Ford F-150
Engine: Dart 540 Block with Brodix Heads, 540 Hart Beat Racing and Competitive Engines
Transmission: FTI Big Shaft 2 Speed Power Glide Raybestos power train
Tires: 66″ X 43.00 x 25
Debut: 2018
Chassis: Built in house 2012


The Outlaw Monster Truck Drags presented by High Octane Coffee will choose "King of the Outlaws"! The first part is on June 29th live on FITE!

The monster truck pretenders to be "King of the Outlaws" are:
- Samson - speed, style and destructive!
- Stinger - ready to Sting the competition!
- Rap Attack - this truck has been credited as being one of the loudest ones!
- Pretty Wicked - the theme song "I get wicked" says everything
- Bad Habit - keeps the Guinness World Record for the longest ramp jump done by a monster truck. It was achieved in 2013 by Joey Sylvester with Bad Habit at a distance of 237.7 feet (72.5 m)
- FTI Torgue – is coming with brand new look

Don't forget that we will have two more divisions! Mini monster truck which kids can put on the line to race with the outlaws and a class that is developed right now, called the Pro Mod Monster Trucks – they accelerate quick and jump high!

The field is stacked! The teams have been cooped up for too long and are ready to get out there and make a great competition for you folks!

It's gonna be challenging for the drivers and it's gonna be entertaining for the fans so don't wait! Outlaw Monster Truck Drags, Round 1 or Outlaw Monster Truck Drags: Trio Pack! June 29th! Order TODAY!


  • June 18, 2020

    Get ready for freestyle tracks never before seen in Monster Truck Competition! The Outlaw Monster Truck Drags happen on 3 successive Mondays, only on FITE Pay Per View, starting June 29th! The events are presented by High Octane Coffee will determine the "King of the Outlaws"! The competition will be encompassing a 3-show series on FITE! #MonsterTruckMondays The monster truck pretenders to the throne as "King of the Outlaws" are – Samson, Stinger, Rap Attack, Pretty Wicked, Bad Habit, and FTI Torque. Check out the interview with owner/driver, Joe Sylvester …

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