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The Winans
The Lost Concert with The Commissioned and Vanessa Bell Armstrong
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    Stadium Media 
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    Premier Center, Sterling Heights, MI, United States
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The Winans has arrived on FITE with their historic performance lost for over 13 years. On January 15th The Winans: The Lost Concert with The Commissioned and Vanessa Bell Armstrong is on FITE! The concert is in 1984 when three of the most popular acts in contemporary gospel music, two time Grammy award winners, The Winans, Commissioned and soloist Vanessa Bell Armstrong, gave an historic performance at one of the biggest gospel music concerts ever held in Detroit. Below you can see the list of songs included in the concert:

Vanessa Bell Armstrong
Amazing Grace
Any Way You Bless Me
What Can I Do
I Don't Want My Labor To Be In Vain
Peace Be Still

The Winans
So Good To Know
Goodness, Mercy And Grace
You Are Everything
Don't Be Deceived
Question Is
If I Labor
Long Time Comin'

The City
Giving My Problems To You
You've Got A Friend

Enjoy on FITE!

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