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Fash Ostowar vs Scott Morland
Official PPV Replay

* Available in United States
* Unlimited replay included


Nolan vs Harry Davies - K1- Super Title 75kg
Tony Hall vs Paul Harper - MMA -Title 61.5kg
Fash Ostowar vs Scot Morland - K1 - Title 77kg
​Andrew Conner vs John Smith - MMA - Super title
Jack Scott vs Paul Webster - K1 - 93kg
Valean Adrian vs Rico Biggs - MMA - 66kg
Tim Smith vs Rick Browne - HW MMA - Ammy


Leo James vs Andre McIntyre - K1 - 90kg
John Stone vs Johnny Donoghue - MMA - 70kg
Sam Steward vs William Timmis - MMA - 61.5kg Ammy
​Jake Law vs Mateusz Wyroba - MMA - 75kg K1 Ammy
Olsen Haley vs Lee Spencer - MMA - 70kg
Ben Earl vs Jamie Ramdulara - MMA - 84kg
Aron Jones vs Chris Malcolm - MMA - HW​
Liem Jones vs Jay Warmerdam - MMA - 70kg Ammy
Oli Hooley vs George Breen - MMA - 77kg Ammy

Poster and Selected Action

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