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Walkout FC 14 Fully Loaded
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Walkout Fighting Championship returns to Joplin Memorial Hall in Joplin, Missouri on Saturday, January 26th! Walkout FC will be kicking off 2019 with a "Fully Loaded" event featuring Jeff Law, Coleton Cavener, Frank "The Tank" Byers, Josee Storts and several top fighters from throughout the Midwest.

Main Card:
Pro 155- Jeff Law vs Donnie Smith
Pro 155- Frank Byers (2-0) vs Austin Clem (1-1)
HW- Jody Linthicum (4-5) vs Robert Perry (2-4)
170- HD Essley (0-1) vs Kevin Brown (3-5)
125 Women's Title- Josee Storts (3-0) vs Claire Guthrie (6-1)
170 Title- (C) Calonese Tolbert (7-3) vs Ryan Wickham (3-2)

125 Title- (C) Johnathon Beckett (3-0) vs Paul Berry (2-1)
185 Alex Griffis (1-0) vs Justin Budd (1-0)
135 Hunter Gore (4-1) vs Trevor Harvey (3-4)
265 Matthew Strait (1-0) vs Mike Wright (0-0)
155 John Long (3-1) vs Devin Mayes (1-0)
135 Chris Tapia (0-0) vs Tim Branham (1-2)
155 Noah Bucy (1-1) vs Anthony Tolbert (0-0)
145 Brittany Thurlo (0-0) vs Leah Watson (1-0)

Poster and Selected Action

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