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Kris King vs Charlie Wright
Official PPV Replay

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* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Kris King vs Charlie Wright - 70kg - Super title fight
Jordan Powell vs Will Drewitt - 66kg - MMA title
Harry Keane vs Andrew Bavin - 61.5kg - UK1 title
Alfie Hawes vs Mihai Zmarandescu - 77kg - K1 Title Fight
Alexandra Vogt vs Ernesta Bukauskaite - 72kg - K1
Ben Earl vs Louis Kamara - 86kg - Title Fight
Dontel Forrester vs Reuben Lindo - 74kg - MMA
Katarzyna Twardowska vs Kat Freeman - 58kg- Women's fight - UK1
Owen Leach vs Hristo Zahariev - HW - MMA​
Luke Lendrum vs Shaun Bryan - 93kg - MMA
Tony Haynes vs Vttorio Bray - 93kg - MMA
Tomo Florin vs Arvydas Pumputis - 84kg - MMA
Brandon Cambell vs Dan Warman - 66kg - MMA
Marcus Okung vs Lewis Thorne - 84kg - MMA
Dre Harpa vs Dale Lawrence - 70kg - MMA
Georgi Zorilov vs Erol Raif - 66kg - MMA
​Micheal Macvoy vs Simon Powell - 77kg - MMA
Luke A Court vs Matt Davison - 84kg - MMA

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