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    Troxy London, London, United Kingdom
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* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


19. Charlie Wright vs. Will Drewitt MMA Title 66kg
18. Ben Corcoran vs Harry Keane K1 Title 61.5kg
17. Arvydas Pumputis vs. Connor Hayes MMA Title 84kg
16. Karl Esser vs. A. Tijani Shehu MMA Title HW
15. Martin Johnson vs. Perry Starbuck MMA Title 70kg
14. Alex Haynes vs Janos Csukas MMA Title 93kg
13. Lee Cook vs Neil Blackman K1 HW


12. Omar Sargent vs. Gregor Jurcic 202 lbs
11. Mihai Brad vs. Matthew Davison 185 lbs
10. Oliver Irons vs. River O'Callaghan 170 lbs
9. Frank Warwick vs Perry Brett K1
8. Jake Baverstock vs. Jack Clarke 141 lbs
7. Liam Jones vs. Ross Howard 146 lbs
6. Kasemi Chujor vs. Luke Lendrum 194 lbs
5. Michael Mcavoy vs. Gregory Curnock 161 lbs
4. Zac Morgan vs. Luke Court 176 lbs
3. Valean Adrian vs. Ken Hollis 154 lbs
2. Dre Harper vs. Dominic Pietro 146 lbs
1. Chris Jarvis vs. Adem Osman 194 lbs

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