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WGP 53
Robson Bull Terrier vs Wellington Lopes
Official PPV Replay

  • Bell Time
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  • Genres
  • Channel
    Fight Globe BV 
  • Venue
    Ginasio De Esportes E Lazer Max Rosenmann, São José dos Pinhais, Brazil
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* Available in the United States
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Fight Card K1 Rules

Robson Bull Terrier vs Wellington Lopes, 3x3 Lightweight (60 kg)
Nichollas Pestilli vs Paulo Sergipe, 3x3 Lightweight (60 kg)
Leandro Jobu vs Leo 'Bahia' Pereira, 3x3 Lightweight (60 kg)
Roberto Gonzalez vs Vitor Aquino, 3x3 Super Middleweight (78.1 kg)
Renzo Martinez vs Leo Corrales, 3x3 Lightweight (60 kg)
Jonas Salsicha vs Diego Gaúcho, 5x3 Super Middleweight (78.1 kg) - WGP Title Bout
Jordan Kranio vs Jordan Kranio, 3x3 Super Lightweight (64.5 kg) - WGP Title Bout
Petros Cabelinho vs Bruno Gazani, 5x3 Light Middleweight (71.8 kg) - WGP Title Bout

Poster and Selected Action

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