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Wiedemann's Beer Boxing Championship
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


The Beer Boxing Championships are back! Catch Wiedemann's Beer Boxing Championship on FITE!

Fight Card:
Bout # 13: Dylan Harvey (Blue) vs Mecca Amen (Red)
Bout # 12: Mykell Gamble (Blue) vs Floyd Schofield *GA* (Red)
Bout # 11: Kalen Kumpf (Blue) vs Nick Nwanochie *GA* (Red)
Bout # 10: Antonio Grant (Blue) vs Mike Smith *GA* (Red)
Bout # 9: Kyle Raleigh (Blue) vs Derrick Sams *GA* (Red)
Bout # 8: Allen Said (Blue) vs Reece Brown (Red)
Bout # 7: Jason Brooks (Blue) vs Haven Brady *GA* (Red)
Bout # 6: Julian Wilkenson (Blue) vs Blake Jones *GA* (Red)
Bout # 5: Ryan Goeke (Blue) vs Nathan Krammer (Red)
Bout # 4: Nehemiah Jones (Blue) vs Miles Mizell *GA* (Red)
Bout # 3: Austin Wickline (Blue) vs John Dunn (Red)
Bout # 2: Brandon Hope (Blue) vs Ben Burlew (Red)
Bout # 1: Terence Colvin (Blue) vs Eric Parker *GA* (Red)

Poster and Selected Action

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