WSW World Tour : Up For Grabs


Carlyto, Juventud Guerrera and Chris Master wage war to crown an Interim WSW World Champion. Plus: The European Title is on the line and the 1 st Ever WSW Tag Team
Champions will be crowned.

3 way match between Chris Master, Carlyto and Juventud Guerrera for the Interim WSW World Title;
4 Team Gauntlet to determine the 1st ever WSW Tag Team Champions;
Bammer vs. the winner of a Battle Royal for the WSW European Title;
Womens match : Nina Samuels vs. Kelly;
Battle Royal featuring: Jonny Storm, El Ligero, Salvador, Pegasus, Greg Burridge, Jody Fleisch, Johnny Moss, Gonçalo "Dnamite" Cardozo, Luís Mira, James Bruiser for a shot at the WSW European Title.
Portuguese Showcase: Luis Mira vs. Gonçalo "Dnamite" Cardoso




Pro Wrestling


WSW Wrestling 4.11

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