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WTE Fight Championship 9
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


WTE Fight Championship 9 is here on FITE!
Don't miss these 12 explosive MMA matches!


Isaac Dull vs Tato Primera
Hicham Rachid vs Jesus Blanco
Raul Guzmán vs Fabio Montesinos
Abenohara Navarro vs Guacimara Martin
Simone Bottino vs Jonathan Saavedra
Enrique Hecher Sosa vs Ricardo Morais
Miguel Suarez vs Alberto Perera
Javier Perez vs Eder Betancourt
Mantas Butautas vs Camilo Torres
Jose Ransel vs Ubay Bonilla
Tanausu Perez vs Aythami Sosa
Antonio Francisco Santana vs Valerio Rodriguez

Poster and Selected Action

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