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June 23, 2023

Musk vs Zuck: FITE Rallies Combat Sports CEOs and Friends to Weigh In

David Feldman, CEO of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

It's an interesting match up. I think Mark Zuckerberg takes it. He has more experience in Jiu Jitsu, he's younger and stronger. I take my hat off both of his guys if they do it. I think Zuck takes it!

Seth Daniels, CEO Fight 2 Win, Grappling/BJJ

My money is on Zuck. I know his coach David Camarillo and he's amaZing. Both men are incredibly brilliant but I think Elon wouldn't have the time to take training seriously. Zuck takes everything seriously

Steve Williams, CEO of Pillow Fight Championship

I know the world wants to see these guys smash each other's faces in, especially me, but I think we have a better way. With Pillow Fight Championship -- no one has to get mortally wounded, but, Elon and Zuck -- and the world -- will all get the same satisfaction as they pummel each other. C'mon, let's get these billionaire softies in the cage with 2 lb PFC Combat Pillows and see a full on Battle of the Supreme Nerds!

JT Tilley, CEO of SlapFIGHT Championship

If this fight were to happen in the cage or ring, it would be the best-worst fight ever, and likely time consuming to watch. I personally do not see this as likely.

I would not be surprised to see the two of them competing in Brazilian JiuJitsu. Zuckerberg has competed successfully twice at the white belt level, yet Musk only trained briefly in the art. This would give Zuckerberg a clear advantage. Maybe the best course of action to level the playing field, would be to lock them inside a vehicle together at Carjitsu Championship. I'm sure the fans would love to see Elon Musk as winner by seatbelt choke!

If the two were to agree to a kickboxing or boxing match, Elon, Who trained in martial arts for most of his childhood would have a clear advantage, Zuckerberg weighing in at approximately 155 pounds and only 5‘7" tall, would be at a sincere disadvantage against the 6‘1" Musk, who weighs 180 pounds.

The only way that I see this rivalry tested in a fair and honest matter, is if the two of these men were to meet each other at the SlapFIGHT Championship barrel and trade slaps. Musk would definitely have the size advantage, but the tiny-headed Zuckerberg, may prove to be more difficult to target.

Gordon Ryan, the GOAT of BJJ (past BJJ Fanatics event on FITE)

I think a Musk/Zuck grappling match/mma fight would be amongst the biggest matches in sport history, to be honest. Two billionaire titans square off in a sport – who wouldn't watch? I've actually reached out to Elon to see if he needs some place to train in Texas. I also speak to Zuck from time to time and I know he's 100% serious. This should be a 2024 ADCC superfight. Winner gets Bezos in 2026. ?

Don King, The Legend and CEO of Don King Productions, Boxing

Let's give the people what they want: Zuckerberg vs Musk. I'm ready to promote it, Only In America. A real good fight, let's get it on!

Jimmy Adams, CEO of Country Box, Nashville

Musk vs. Zuckerberg on Pay Per View! I will buy that just to see if the referee is going to be a Tesla Bot.

Robin Black, Noted MMA/BJJ/ Subversiv and Martial Arts commentator

Zuck is systems oriented, which can help one develop the mental scaffolding necessary on which to build a strong jiu-jitsu fundamentals game. He appears to learn the basics through imitation and repetition.

Elon Musk, on the other hand, has shown a propensity to improvise and innovate in real time. To color outside the lines. To be unpredictable in his movements and behaviors.

All else being equal, innovation defeats imitation.

Elon Musk wins by weird shit.

Damon Feldman, CEO of Original Celebrity Boxing

I think this would be incredible. I actually talk to Zuckerberg ‘s trainer. I think Zuckerberg wins this match hands-down because of his background and who his trainer is! This would be best to do as Celebrity Boxing because Zuckerberg is more experienced and would destroy Musk in other sports but as a Celebrity Boxing match it is more "evened" up. We could even do it with our new Metaverse technology Roy Jones Jr. is fighting with next week!