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July 24, 2019


The eyes of the professional wrestling world will descend upon the great State of Illinois on Labor Day weekend as Starrcast will hold its third-ever, star-studded gathering. Starrcast has become the destination event for the discerning professional wrestling fan, the home of some of the most honest, off-the-cuff conversations and moments that need to be seen to be believed.

Once again, for those of you who cannot attend live, FITE will be your home for all of the live programming from this historic event. For the low price of $39.99 for the weekend, you can stand witness to everything going down in The Prairie State!

The complete schedule of events, all times listed are EST:


The All Out Press Conference and Weigh-Ins:

8: 00 PM – The All Out Press Conference and Weigh-Ins:

The night before All Elite Wrestling crowns their first World Champion, combatants Chris Jericho and Adam "Hangman" Page as well as all the Elite stars of AEW will take part in a press conference promote the All-Out event, discussing all the major matches on that event and taking part in the official weigh-ins. Everything you'll need to know about All Out will be revealed right before your eyes, live on FITE.

From Undesirable to Undeniable:

9:30 PM – From Undesirable to Undeniable:

All Elite Wrestling EVP Cody sits down with legendary announcer Tony Schiavone to discuss his life and career, the roads and chances he's taken over the course of his career, the legacy he carries with him, his hopes and dreams for AEW's success and all of the twists and turns his life has taken.



12:00 - PM Malenko

One of the most celebrated in-ring wrestlers who have ever lived, Dean Malenko sits down for the first time at Starrcast, bringing the stories of growing up Malenko, his celebrated runs in ECW and WCW, his work behind the scenes as a producer with World Wrestling Entertainment, his newfound duties with AEW, the legendary rivalry with the late Eddy Guerrero and a life that has taken him to all corners of the globe. Always brilliant, the Iceman, The Shooter Dean Malenko breaks his silence, live at Starrcast!

The Women of AEW

1: 00 PM – The Women of AEW

Whether it's the brilliance of AEW Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes, the might of Nyla Rose, the positive energy of Allie or the celebrated in-ring skills of Britt Baker, the majestic and powerful women who define All Elite Wrestling will sit down with Tony Schiavone to preview AEW All Out, share stories about their unique paths in professional wrestling and more. As they prepare to raise for the bar for women in this unique combat sport, AEW's female stars converge for an enlightening discussion about shattering glass ceilings and piledriving all perceptions.

The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana

3: 00 PM – The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana Live

Colt Cabana changed the definition of what it meant to be an independent wrestler over the last decade, easily becoming one of the most important figures in the industry. His podcast, The Art of Wrestling, has provided an important window inside the mind of independent professional wrestlers. Hilarious, heartbreaking and honest, Cabana's podcast has been the center of career rebirths and controversies alike. As Cabana prepares to end the Art of Wrestling in its current form, his victory lap bringing him back to Starrcast, where anything can happen!

Rich & Famous

4: 00 PM - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous with MJF

Over the last year, MJF has emerged as one of the most notorious, condescending personalities in professional wrestling. With his ban from Starrcast overturned, MJF will take the stage armed with all the verbal venom he can muster. Not for the feint of heart, MJF's Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous promises to present the world from the twisted, askew mind of MJF. It's his world, we're just living in it. Just ask him.


9: 00 PM – Moxley

The Voice of Wrestling, Jim Ross, sits down for a lengthy discussion with one of the most controversial figures in professional wrestling today Jon Moxley. From The Shield to G1 Climax to Death Matches to his violent brawls with Kenny Omega, Moxley will wield a verbal flamethrower as he holds nothing back while discussing his globetrotting, shocking career that has seen him turn his back on massive paydays for the love of the game. A discussion that will surely leave aftershocks across the pro wrestling industry, Moxley makes his Starrcast debut!

Cock Of The Talk

11: 00 PM - Cock Of The Talk with Joey Ryan

One of California's premiere stars, Joey Ryan has evolved from a pioneering member of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla to one of the most controversial and popular performers inside the squared circle. Taking the stage for the first time at Starrcast, FITE viewers will be sucked into a raw and uncensored vortex, with the King of Dong Style as the eye of the storm. No stranger to enraging industry veterans, Ryan will blaze his own trail, bringing special guests and crazy stories alike to everyone strong enough to stand witness to this madness. Put the kids to bed, Joey Ryan is in town!


Tales of a Hardcore Legend

11: 00 AM - Tales of a Hardcore Legend with Mick Foley

Whether he's wielding barbed wire bats as the King of the Death Match or autographing New York Times Bestselling Books, Mick Foley has captivated one of the most unique emotional bonds ever with his audience. His life journey has taken him through multiple personas, across every continent and through every major professional wrestling promotion. Whether he was dropping elbows off ring aprons or flying off a Hell in A Cell. Mick epitomized the in your face, punk rock style of pro wrestling. Foley's work ethic is a resume speaks for itself, having battled everyone from Abdullah the Butcher to Vince McMahon and now, Foley makes his live Starrcast debut, only on FITE, regaling all with stories from a life carved in blood, tears and sweat socks that will never be duplicated.

CM Punk

1:00 PM - CM Punk

If there is a definitive DIY personality in the world of combat sports, it's Chicago's favorite son, CM Punk. Rising like a phoenix from the Windy City's independent scene, Punk was forged fire en route to becoming the longest reigning World Champions in decades, Punk Then, he was gone, navigating his way though MMA, writing and acting pursuits. For the first time ever, Punk sits down before a live audience to discuss life today, pro wrestling adventures of the past, and more. FITE will be your key into the heart and soul of CM Punk. A fighter who's never shied away from giving his opinion or dropping a nuclear pipe bomb of two. The only way to witness what will sure be one of the most unique, deep and fun conversations in Starrcast history will be to watch live on FITE!