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July 16, 2020

Tokyo Joshi and DDT Pro Wrestling to Air Exclusively on FITE Pay Per View in English and Japanese with Stellar Broadcast Team

Both events are available to order now on FITE PPV – your purchases will include both English and Japanese streams as well as event replays – order today

New York, NY, July 15, 2020 -- FITE the premiere digital platform for sports and entertainment, announced their exclusive live offering of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Brandnew Wrestling 4 on July 22 at 11pm ET in English and Japanese! Then, on July 23rd, DDT Pro Wrestling Summer Vacation 2020 will air live at 5:30am ET, also in English and Japanese! Three key broadcasters are set to cover the series over two days.

Covering color commentary duties for the two shows on FITE is none other than Sonny Onoo, former World Karate Champion and manager of many wrestlers from the iconic 1990's era of World Championship Wrestling. Tapped by WCW President, Eric Bischoff to bridge the world of WCW and NJPW talent, Onoo debuted as Kazuo Sonny Onoo on screen. An iconic figure who could speak English and Japanese well, and known for his stylish suits and small sunglasses, Onoo deftly traversed between the worlds of business and entertainment, managing pro wrestling superstars whilst being a star himself.

Set for the play by play call for the July 22nd Tokyo Joshi show on FITE is Dan Madigan, whose background includes work with pro wrestling, horror movies and rock and roll – everything your parents warned you about. Madigan gained international notoriety for writing and directing RAW and Smackdown shows for Vince McMahon and the WWE. His vast talents include writing the definitive history of Mexican Lucha Libre for HarperCollins and creating of the SEE NO EVIL horror franchise for WWE Films. The rock and roll connection comes via serving as the road manager of the legendary band, Blood, Sweat and Tears with whom he toured the world.

To conclude the two-day event on FITE, Rob Hochman rounds out our amazing trio by taking on play by play duties for the July 2rd DDT show. Rob brings 23 years of sports expertise beginning with Turner Sport's Goodwill Games and 8 seasons of broadcasting for the New York Giants. That path led to WWE's Raw episodic series where he worked with The Rock, Degeneration X, and Steve Austin. After WWE purchased WCW, Rob launched independent promotions in the southern US highlighting newly signed WWE talent and continuing with regular on air broadcasts.

Both events are available to order now on FITE PPV – your purchases will include both English and Japanese streams as well as event replays – order today:
Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling
DDT Pro Wrestling

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