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Oct 04, 1973
203 cm
350 lbs
159 kg
United States
Pro Wrestling

Abyss's Bio

Possibly the scariest and toughest Impact wrestler on the roster, The Monster Abyss has been wrecking competitors inside the ring for nearly 16 years.

  • Abyss is a true veteran in all senses of the word.

  • Having competed in all sorts of matches through out his rich history in Impact (TNA in the past), Abyss has been in some brutal wars.

  • Going through tables, throwing people in thumbtacks, delivering beatings with a barb-wired and/or spiked baseball bat or going for his signature Black Hole Slam, Abyss' career has been a highlight of shocking yet very intense spectacles that the fans always want to see.

  • In his career, Abyss has earned his fare share of Championship gold - the NWA World Heavyweight belt, the NWA World Tag Team belt, the TNA (later Impact) Tag Team belts multiple times, the Television belt, and a record for the history - he is the heaviest X-Division Champion ever.

  • Abyss has gone through a lot in his career - from being the unleashed giant monster, to unleashing hell with manager James Mitchell, through his on and off feud with Hulk Hogan, through having his brother (rather alter-ego) Joseph Park appear, to being a part of the Decay stable. He has done it all.

  • Probably one of the most loyal wrestlers on the roster, the man behind the mask, Christopher Parks has been known to refuse offers from big time rival companies and has helped as much as he can with developing impact. From his on-screen role as Abyss, to doing agent work and many others, Parks is one of the company's corner stones.

Official IMPACT profile: http://impactwrestling.com/talent-roster/abyss-4/

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