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Tom Lawlor

11 - 8 - 0

May 15, 1983
183 cm
205 lbs
93 kg
Fall River
United States
Light Heavyweight
The Jungle MMA

WINS  11

4 (36%)
4 (36%)
3 (27%)


0 (0%)
3 (38%)
5 (62%)


RESULT  Opponent Method Date
Win Jordan Young Decision
June 17, 2021
Loss Antonio Carlos Jr Submission

April 29, 2021
Loss Deron-Winn Decision

Nov. 25, 2018
Loss Corey Anderson Decision

March 5, 2016
Win Gian Villante TKO

July 25, 2015
Win Michael Kuiper Submission

April 6, 2013
Loss Francis Carmont Decision

Nov. 17, 2012
Win Jason MacDonald KO

May 15, 2012
Loss Chris Weidman
Technical Submission

Nov. 19, 2011
Win Patrick Cote Decision

Oct. 23, 2010
Loss Joe Doerksen Submission

May 8, 2010
Loss Aaron Simpson Decision

Jan. 11, 2010
Win C.B. Dollaway Technical Submission

July 11, 2009
Win Kyle Kingsbury Decision

Dec. 13, 2008
Win Travis Bartlett Technical Submission

April 12, 2008
Loss Shane Primm Disqualified

March 22, 2008
Win Cesar Barros KO

Aug. 25, 2007
Win Jason Barlog TKO

April 7, 2007
Win Jonathan Fernandez Submission

April 3, 2007
X Ariel Gandulla No Contest March 10, 2007


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