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There is no more awe-inspiring and breathtaking tag team in pro wrestling than Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron – The Handicapped Heroes. Zach lost his leg to cancer at the age of eight, but the drive inside him to live a dream would not waver, and Zach made history as the first one-legged pro wrestler in history. It was seeing Zach live his dream that inspired Gregory Iron. Born with cerebral palsy, Greg never believed his wrestling dreams could come true until he watched Zach wrestle on television and saw that nothing is impossible with the right work ethic and belief in yourself. Now, fate has brought Zach & Greg together as they tour the country, leaving crowds of wrestling fans in amazement, and inspiring and motivating tomorrow's success stories by speaking to kids at schools and charity functions. Zach & Greg's positive outlook on life and never-give-up attitude has helped them survive through championship battles, malicious opponents, corporate takeovers, and even their own friendship being challenged. See how Zach & Greg faced it all head-on and were able to rise above, defy all the odds, and persevere in their "PRIME Cuts"!