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SoCal Val interviews Morris Day on Funk Corona


On July 10th FITE presents Funk Corona.
SoCal Val is back again with another great interview. This time with Morris Day, tune in and listen to what Funk Corona is gonna be all about!

SoCal Val: We're so happy to have you here on FITE, our fans are so excited about the Funk Corona concert. It is this Friday, July 10th on FITE, Pay Per View. Now Morris what the fans can expect to see from Funk Corona?

Morris Day: Well, you can expect to see a high quality! Funky.. party brought to your living room, just like you take the fights to your living room. So if you want to jump on your couch, jump on your coffee table and do the burn, you can do that.

SoCal Val: That's what we're talking about. We have a lot of amazing combat sports on FITE, but if you've been following FITE, we've been branching out to some really amazing genres, and this is an amazing way to kick it off. And we also have Cameo ready for the World, The Mary Jane Girls. They've got a really cool line up for this one, wouldn't you say?

Morris Day: That's right. And we also have Sheryl Underwood hosting the whole event. So I think we have a really good package were representing a great cause. And it's ironic that it's gonna be on FITE because we are in a fight right now for our lives. So it all makes sense.

SoCal Val: It sure does, and obviously locked down bump us out in some ways. But you know what in other ways it's made everyone do things virtually, and this is such a cool way for all of us to come together. And as you said, it's for a great cause. This Paper View benefits victims of the Corona Virus, and it's all in good fun. So Morris, how have you been doing with locked down so far?

Morris Day: Well, let's just say, you know, it's been good. I've been getting a little stir crazy, but well, let's just say, it's been good. I'm chomping at the bit to do this performance, because I missed the stage. That's what I was born to do. I'm healthy, I'm happy and I'm here, it's all good. And like you said, we're doing this for a worthy cause. We're teaming up with Von Miller from the Denver Broncos and he has a charity called Von Sacks COVID. And they're feeding the children. There's a lot of people out of work and a lot of hungry people. And so it just makes sense that we support these causes. So, we're gonna have fun. We're gonna bring the party. But we're also gonna help with this virus that we're dealing with.

SoCal Val: Absolutely! And what a fun way to kind of have an escape for everybody because that's the name of the game, we want everyone to be happy and have a good time and what better way to do it, with Funk Corona, this Friday, July 10 on FITE Pay per view. But now I have to tell you I am a huge Jay and Silent Bob fan. So I promised our FITE fans that I would ask you about Jay and Silent Bob because I did wonder, have you seen sort of a resurgence in your fan base with Jay and Silent Bob?

Morris Day: Well, you know, first of all, Kevin Smith is such a cool guy. He went out on a limb because he actually wrote us in the script before he reached out to see if we would even be interested in being in the movie. So, of course, when we heard from him, I was like, Well, for showing that I'd be honored.

SoCal Val: Can you give us any sort of exclusives here on FITE about what tracks we're going to hear this Friday? Do you have any favorites that you're gonna be playing?

Morris Day: Well, let me say that the fans will hear all of their favorites. We got Cameo as well. And like you said and the Mary Jane Girls, the originals Mary Jane Girls ready for the world. Just a combination of all of us doing our hits. I think it's gonna be a real special evening. It's gonna be Funky!

SoCal Val: Do you have a personal favorite that you enjoy performing more than the others?

Morris Day: Well, it depends on what mood on. If I'm in a slow, sexy mood, enjoy singing "Gigolos Get Lonely Too" if I want a party, I enjoy singing "The Bird" or "Jungle Love" or any of them. It just depends on the mood.

SoCal Val: What do you think is so enduring about your music? Because I feel like it bands a lot of generations.

Morris Day: Well, our music has always been about fun. Back then when Prince and I in the early days were putting this thing together, he was always a big fan of mine, so to speak behind the scenes. And he used to laugh at my jokes and laugh at my laugh and everything. And, he just said, man, we gotta put this on the record, you know? And so when we started cutting our songs a lot of my personality went into the music, and it was for the purpose of having fun.

SoCal Val: Was there a certain artist or a certain band, that kind of influenced you?

Morris Day: Well, I liked a lot of music back then. I mean, music was totally different was all about bands, it was all about music. So I love James Brown. Oh, I love Tower Power. I was into fusion music, Billy Cotton. I was also into Frank Zappa, you know, rock and roll. So a lot of influences.

SoCal Val: Who influences your style?

Morris Day: When I was a kid I gotta say my mom used to dress me. She dressed me up with suits. And then, you know, as I start to get older, I saw pictures of my elders, my grandfathers, and my great uncles, and especially my grandfather on my mother's side was always clean. He always had the overcoats, just sharp as a tack. So I said, You know, I kind of want to look like that when I grow up. So I think a lot of influences were just like I said, my family.

SoCal Val: Now I did hear that you have an album coming out. What's next after Funk Corona?

Morris Day: Well, we're just gonna keep steamrolling. I got my manager we put this thing together. I just want to keep doing things like this, Funk Corona. It's important that we bring the music to the people since the people can't come to the music and right now.

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