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247 FC
Steeltown Throwdown
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


247 Fighting Championship's Inaugural event features a lightweight title slugfest as Khama Worthy looks to get his 4th straight win. He'll battle Joey Munoz, who just had a sensational upset at WBKFF and looks to add another! This could be the last time you see Khama in action on the regional scene, as the big boys are taking notice!!!

PRO - Khama Worthy vs. Joey Munoz Lightweight Pro Title

PRO - Ethan Goss vs. Elijah Cavender

PRO - Brett Shoenfelt vs. Dustin Parrish

*AMMY - Tre Blackmon vs. Jake Braunscheidel 190

AMMY - Adam Oatman vs. Jamie Hare 205

*AMMY - Alan Liu vs. Derrick Patterson 150 catchweight

AMMY - Michael Siegfried vs. Kyle Beaver 170

AMMY - Chad Forlai vs. Tyler Dogoda 155

*AMMY - Rob Licht v Pat Carrasquillo 150 catchweight

Poster and Selected Action

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