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ACB 59 Young Eagles 18 (Russian)
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Roberto Neves (8-2-0 Welterweight) Vs Husein Kushagov (5-3-0 Welterweight)
Baysangur Vakhitov (4-0-0 Middleweight) Vs Igor Litoshik (11-5-0 Middleweight)
Alessandro Alves (8-2-0 Lightweight) Vs Yusup Umarov (8-2-0 Lightweight)
Khanif Mirzamagomedov (2-1-0 Heavyweight) Vs Rasul Saytkhojayev (3-0-0 Heavyweight)
Michael Bobner (9-3-0 Lightweight) Vs Daud Shaikhaev (4-1-0 Lightweight)
Alikhon Khasanov (6-1-0 Featherweight) Vs Alihan Suleimanov (5-2-0 Featherweight)
Sukhrob Davlatov (6-3-0 Lightweight) Vs Rakhman Makhadzhiev (4-3-0 Lightweight)
Kanat Keldibekov (6-1-0 Featherweight) Vs Saifullah Dzhabrailov (5-1-0 Featherweight)
Viskhan Amirkhanov (5-1-0 Welterweight) Vs Maxim Konovalov (3-2-0 Welterweight)
Timur Shidov (3-3-0 Middleweight) Vs Rustam Gadzhiev (8-4-0 Middleweight)
Abdisalam Kubanych (6-2-0 Lightweight) Vs Usman Bisultanov (5-2-0 Lightweight)
Aidarbek Kabylov (5-4-0 Bantamweight) Vs Aliskhan Chadaev (2-0-0 Bantamweight)
Shamil Akhmaev (2-0-0 Flyweight) Vs Ruslan Mavludov (1-1-0 Flyweight)
Eldar Shopagov (1-0-0 Featherweight) Vs Adam Gagiev (2-1-1 Featherweight)
Gadjimurad Olohanov (1-0-0 Lightweight) Vs Muhammad Pashayev (0-0-0 Lightweight)
Aslan Shogov (1-0-0 Bantamweight) Vs Tbd
Aleksandr Kozubenko (1-1-0 Middleweight) Vs Iliyas Yakubov (1-2-0 Middleweight)

Poster and Selected Action

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