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Extreme Takeover Thursday, Episode 37
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On this episode of Extreme Takeover Thursday, we kick off the show with a huge Intergender Tag Team Match as "The Prince of Souls" Alex Todd & Chelsea Durden take on the team of Deimos & Teal Piper also known as the "House of Heathens". In an ARW Intergender Match, male vs male or male vs female. This match promises to be one for the ages!!

Then in what is sure to be "Match Of The Year" contender, we will see the "Golden Girls Favorite" Jerry Swirlz go one on one with the returning Swoggle. All we can say is this...well, we will let this match speak for itself. Can Swirlz outwit Swoggle or will the Luck Of The Irish be on Swoggle's side?

And in our main event, we will see former ARW Bombshell's Champion Krissy Vaine team up with her bodyguard, "The Madame of Fleet Street" Roxy Rouge to take on the very mysterious team of Destiny and the ARW Women's Champion, "The Bloody Undead Bride". Krissy is bitter and angry that Destiny cost her the gold and wants to get revenge on her former assistant as well as the woman who stole her championship. What will happen when these 4 combustible elements meat in the squared circle??

Find out this Thursday at 8pm ET right here on FITE!

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