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Badou Jack Promotions Presents
Knockout Night - Dubai
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
"The Ripper"
26 - 3 - 3
Light Heavyweight
"VD Riles"
7 - 0 - 0
ITP Media Group


Main Event
Viddal Riley vs Austine Nnamdi - 201lbs, boxing

Co-Main Event
Atakan Arslan vs Christos Avramidis – 177,1lbs, kickboxing

Main Card
Fatih Ulusoy vs Abdulmanem Kabbani – 225lbs, boxing
Bryce Mills vs Antonis Stroutzalis - 165lbs, kickboxing
Rohan Date vs Wanphihit Siriphana – 147lbs, boxing
Faze Isiah Ocasio vs Giorgos Veronis - 180lbs, kickboxing
Usman Wazeer vs Brahim Oubenais - 135lbs, boxing
Oscar Ahlin vs Arthit Bunphloeng - 175lbs, boxing
Ross Levine vs Stelios Tasmalidis – 175lbs, kickboxing
Ashley Theophane vs Jun Paderna - 160lbs, boxing
Majid Al Naqbee vs [[Sandeep Duggal]] - 147lbs, boxing
Julaidan Abdulfatah vs Ahmed Samir Dawrani – 147lbs, boxing
Anthony de Jubin vs Pushkar Pundalik – 135lbs, boxing

Lambert Fogoum vs Ajit Negi - 201lbs, boxing
Mounir Fathi vs Ismail Sahri – 151lbs, boxing

Poster and Selected Action

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