Battle of the Badges 2016


13 Frank Diaz Alvin ISD Police (250) vs Gerald Clouser Galveston Fire (260)
12 Gayla Martinez Texas City Police (145) vs Amanda Bennett Austin Fire (145)
11 Cippy Ruiz Galveston County S.O. (260) vs Ralph Tims Galveston EMS (220)
10 Gabriela Salas Galveston County S.O. (140) vs Ana Tims Jamaica Beach Fire (140)
9 Joe Falcon Galveston County S.O. (160) vs Ryan Schaeffer Galveston Fire (160)
8 Jeff Kimball Friendswood Police (170) vs Omar Soto Galveston County Clerk (170)
7 Stephen Massey League City Police (185) vs James Gaus Texas City Fire (185)
6 Geovanny Martinez Galveston Police (218) vs Dale Loewen Pearland Fire (205)
5 Christina Trevino UTMB (130) vs Christina Poirier League City Fire (130)
4 Jake Williams Galveston Police (245) vs Grady Fowles Round Rock Fire (240)
3 Nathan Varner Webster Police (250) vs Ben Vandyke League City Fire (270)
2 Joshua Love Galveston County S.O. (185) vs Brian Tinney Marathon ERT (185)
1 Francisco Deleon Santa Fe Police (195) vs Steven Kirsner Galveston Fire (195)


Bell Time

Sep 10, 8:09PM ET/5:09PM PT




Replay starts on Sep 11 4:15 PM EDT




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