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Fusion Fight League
Beauties and the Beasts
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Don't miss Fusion Fight League's Beauties and the Beasts LIVE on FITE!

11. Shane Fichter vs Billy Henderson
10. Kyra Batara vs Ireland "Bombshell" Moran
9. James Granger vs Timmy Garcia
8. Warren Brockie vs Ruban "Bam" Roundstone
7. Danny Shine vs AJ Craig
6. Josh Remmington vs Dan Burwell
5. Dorian Pongah vs Nick Grammens
4. James Dennis vs Sam Guenthner
3. Andrew Long vs Tj Losleben
2. David Lugenbuhel vs Garrett Melson
1. Fred Lindsey vs Adrian Riverra

Poster and Selected Action

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