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BJJ Fanatics
Gordon Ryan vs Pat Downey
Official PPV Live Stream

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays


Fight Card:

Main Event
Gordon Ryan vs Pat Downey - 2 matches with a break in between!

Ryan/Downey Match #1: BJJ - NO gi - NO time limit - Submission only

Ryan/Downey Match #2: Freestyle Wrestling under International Wrestling Rules

Fight 1
Jonnatas Gracie vs Johnny Tama

Fight 2
Kody Steele vs Oliver Taza

Fight 3
John Combs vs Matheus Gonzaga

Fight 4
PJ Barch vs Ethan Crelinsten

Fight 5
Winner of Fight 1 vs Winner of Fight 2

Fight 6
Winner of Fight 3 vs Winner of Fight 4

Fight 7
Winner of Fight 5 vs Winner of Fight 6

Bronze Match
Loser of Fight 5 vs Loser of fight 6

* Fight Card subject to change


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