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BKB 17
Jimmy Sweeney vs Edgar Puerta
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Jimmy Sweeney VS Edgar Puerta
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Fight Card

Jimmy Sweeney 12 Edgar Puerta
Ricardo Franco 11 James Connelly
Ricky Nelder 10 Rob Boardman
Dom McConnell 9 Mitch Turner
Scott McHugh 8 Sean McFarlane
Marley Churcher 7 Danny Anderson
Daniel Podmore 6 Joshua Burns
  "The Hammer"
Jonny Lawson 5 James Lilley
  "Lights Out"
Paul Hilz 4 Greg Mayne
John Hick 3 Jamie Oldfield
Liam Cullen 2 Connor Tierney
Mason Shaw 1 Dave Thomas


Ricardo Franco vs James Connelly
Jimmy Sweeney vs Edgar Puerta
Liam Cullen vs Connor Tierney
Ricky Nelder vs Rob Boardman
Tony Lafferty vs James Lilley
Oli Thompson vs Josh Burns
Scott McHugh vs Sean McFarlane
Marcus Brimage vs Jamie Oldfield

Poster and Selected Action

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