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BKB Lockdown 2
Official PPV Live Stream

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays
Sean George VS Dan Chapman
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Connor Tierney VS James Connelly
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Fight Card

Sean George 9 Dan Chapman
Connor Tierney 8 James Connelly
Toby Bindon 7 Joey Vaughan
Anthony Holmes 6 Ryan Barrett
Nathan Decastro 5 Conon Barbaru
Geraint Hill 4 Rob Cunningham
Nathan Leeson 3 Scott McHugh
Barrie Jones 2 Paul Hilz
Daniel Podmore 1 Charlie Milner


On March 27th BKB is back on FITE! The fight card has well over 9 matches and will have Sean George vs Dan Chapman fighting for a World Title as the Main Event, finishing the entire lineup with a bang! BKB Lockdown shaping up to be an action-packed event!

Join FITE to enjoy this outstanding Bare Knuckle spectacle!

*fight card subject to change


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