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Lorenzo Hunt vs Joe Riggs
Official Replay

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Lorenzo Hunt VS Joe Riggs
"The Juggernaut"   "Diesel"
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6'0" Height 6'0"
United States Country United States
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Louie Lopez VS Rusty Crowder
"El Loco"    
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United States Country United States
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Fight Card

Lorenzo Hunt 9 Joe Riggs
"The Juggernaut" "Diesel"
Louie Lopez 8 Rusty Crowder
"El Loco"  
Leo Bercier 7 Leo Pla
Kai Stewart 6 Daniel Gary
Andy Nguyen 5 Cassie Robb
"The CrAsian"  
Sawyer Depee 4 William Dunkle
Billy Wagner 3 Jacob Kreitel
Timmy Mason 2 Andrew Angelcor
Dallas Davison 1 Erik Lopez


On April 30th BKFC 24 is live on FITE straight from Montana ExpoPark in Great Falls, MT. The fight card has well over 8 matches and will have Lorenzo Hunt vs Joe Riggs fighting for the BKFC Light Heavyweight Championship as the Main Event, finishing the entire lineup with a bang!

Tune in, order today and watch right here on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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