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Brave 29
Jose Torres and Marcel Adur
Official PPV Live Stream

* Available in United States
* Included unlimited replays
Jose Torres VS Marcel Adur
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Hamza Kooheji VS Nahuel Gandolfi
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Fight Card

Jose Torres 12 Marcel Adur
Hamza Kooheji 11 Nahuel Gandolfi
Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady 10 Dumar Roa
Luan Santiago 9 Gadzhimusa Gaziev
Felipe Silva 8 Guram Kutateladze
Luana Pinheiro 7 Helen Harper
Hussain Ayyad 6 Matiss Zaharovs
Ilia Topuria 5 Steven Gocalves
Amir Albazi 4 Ryan Curtis
Ali Al Qaisi 3 Jeremy Pacatiw
Dean Garnett 2 Rany Saadeh
Akhmed Magomedov 1 Erick Da Silva


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