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Brave 29
Jose Torres and Marcel Adur
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Hamza Kooheji VS Nahuel Gandolfi
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Azamat Murzakanov VS Mohammad Fakhreddine
    "The Latest"
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Fight Card

Hamza Kooheji 14 Nahuel Gandolfi
Azamat Murzakanov 13 Mohammad Fakhreddine
  "The Latest"
Luan Santiago 12 Gadzhimusa Gaziev
Felipe Silva 11 Guram Kutateladze
Luana Pinheiro 10 Helen Harper
Hussain Maki 9 Matiss Zaharovs
Ilia Topuria 8 Steven Gocalves
Amir Albazi 7 Ryan Curtis
Ali Al Qaisi 6 Jeremy Pacatiw
Tae Kyun Kim 5 Erick Da Silva
Farhad Ibilkasumov 4 Rany Saadeh
Mohammad Fakhreddine 3 Kleber Silva
"The Latest"  
Azamat Murzakanov 2 Guto Inocente
Abdul-Kareem Al-Selwady 1 Dumar Roa

Poster and Selected Action

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