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Brave 39
Giannis Bachar vs Tahar Hadbi
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Giannis Bachar VS Tahar Hadbi
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  83% Votes 17%  
Andreas Gustafsson VS Miro Jurkovic
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Fight Card

Giannis Bachar 8 Tahar Hadbi
Andreas Gustafsson 7 Miro Jurkovic
Sameer Siraj 6 Gregorio Davide La Torre
Felipe Lima 5 Farbod Irannejad
Rafael Macedo 4 Tobias Harila
Zvonimir Kralj 3 Samir Sadoun
Alexander Lindgren 2 Eddie Olsson
Nikolija Milosevic 1 Jessica Andersson


On August 15th Brave 39 will be live on FITE from Stockholm, Sweden! In the main event Giannis Bachar takes on Tahar Hadbi! Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

Poster and Selected Action

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