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Brave 44
Cleiton Silva vs Amin Ayoub
Official Replay

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Cleiton Silva VS Amin Ayoub
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Abdoul Abdouraguimov VS Louis Glismann
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Fight Card

Cleiton Silva 8 Amin Ayoub
Abdoul Abdouraguimov 7 Louis Glismann
John Brewin 6 Rolando Dy
  "The Incredible"
Dominik Schober 5 Mzwandile Hlongwa
Gerson Pereira 4 Bair Shtepin
Abbas Khan 3 Yann Liasse
Mohamed Sameer 2 Toni Abi Rached
Mohammed Salah Almuamari 1 Mohammad Tawfiq Almharat


On November 5th, Brave 44 is live on FITE! The main event is a battle for a title. Cleiton Silva faces off Amin Ayoub for the BCF Lightweight Championship! Who will be the new BCF Lightweight champion? Join FITE and find out!

*fight card is subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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