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Brave 48
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Ylies Djiroun VS Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev
"Broly"   "Ot Dushy Paren"
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5'10" Height 5'11"
France Country Russian Federation
  60% Votes 40%  
Ahmed Labban VS Nemanja Kovač
"The Shadow"   "Sledgehammer"
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5'10" Height 5'10"
Lebanon Country Serbia
  75% Votes 25%  

Fight Card

Ylies Djiroun 14 Abdul-Rakhman Makhazhiev
"Broly" "Ot Dushy Paren"
Ahmed Labban 13 Nemanja Kovač
"The Shadow" "Sledgehammer"
Georges Eid 12 Olli Santalahti
Nkosi Ndebele 11 Abdelmoumen Mssaate
Murtaza Talha Ali 10 Cameron Meintjies
Michael Aljarouj 9 Azat Maksum
Youssef Ghrairi 8 Hassan Talal
Omar El Dafrawy 7 Abbas Khan
Hassan Fakhreddine 6 Eslam Mostafa Abdel Menem
Mohamad Ghorabi 5 Eslam Syaha
Hussein Salem 4 Dimitry Solimeys
Issa Salem 3 Maysara Mohamed
Abdulla Alyaqoob 2 Ramyar Liqman
Mohsen Mohammadseifi 1 Bichi Zakaria


It's March 18th and it's time for Brave 48. In the main event of the evening Ylies Djiroun takes on Abdul-Rakhman "Soulman" Makhazhiev and a new co-main event is announced where Ahmad Labban faces off Nemanja Kovač. Who will come out on top?

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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