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Celebrity Boxing
Lamar Odom vs Ojani Noa
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays
Lamar Odom VS Ojani Noa
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6'10" Height 6'1"
United States Country Cuba
  85% Votes 15%  
Paulie Malignaggi VS Corey B
"Magic Man"    
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5'8" Height 5'10"
United States Country United States
  22% Votes 78%  
Javante Carter VS Wideneck
"Holy God"    
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6'0" Height 6'0"
United States Country United States
  39% Votes 61%  
Paul Apostolides VS Michael Gonzalez
"Pauly Paul"   "Strikes"
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6'2" Height 5'11"
  40% Votes 60%  
Natalie DiDonato VS Maria Escobar
"Nat D."    
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5'2" Height 5'2"
  26% Votes 74%  

Fight Card

Lamar Odom 5 Ojani Noa
Paulie Malignaggi 4 Corey B
"Magic Man"  
Javante Carter 3 Wideneck
"Holy God"  
Paul Apostolides 2 Michael Gonzalez
"Pauly Paul" "Strikes"
Natalie DiDonato 1 Maria Escobar
"Nat D."  


On October 2nd the second edition of the Official Celebrity Boxing is live on FITE! The event features fight where the Lamar Odom faces off Ojani Noa in a Celebrity Boxing World Heavyweight Championship fight.

Expect thrilling event bringing all the excitement and action that your favourite celebrities could bring and you ca stand!

Tune in, order today and enjoy on FITE!

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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