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Clash of the Titans 3
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Sunday Dec 17th live from The House of Action Blue Collar Wrestling Presents Clash of the Titans 3 :The Dawn of a new Era

Main Event
Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Championship
Champion JB Moonshine takes on The veteran known as Lonestar

semi main event
Heritage Championship
Badd Blood takes on The most Controversial man in BCW Zack Winters in a match that has been 1 year in the making .

Tommy Celcious faces the man he poured bleach into his eyes .. As he faces Leon Knight.. Leon was attacked by Measure 11 a few months ago and had bleach poured into his eyes...

The War between The Outlaws and The Freakshow will take A violent turn as the monster known as Meat takes on The Hard core Cowboy Mean Mac Trager in a Texas Death Match .

Former tag partners turned bitter rivals as Big Vicious faces Darkness in what will be a brutal battle ...

Justxciting faces The Phoenix Kid in a number one contenders match for the PNW TV Title.

Poster and Selected Action

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