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    Epic Studios 
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    Epic Studios, Norwich, United Kingdom
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Fight Card:
18 Stuart Austin vs Yuri Andrey HW
Team Titan RC MMA Brazil

17 Ivan Golod vs Keli Manglona 86cw
Antonio's Gym Tsunami Norfolk

16 Jimmy Jones vs Sebastien X-Plosive Thrun 93kg
Hammers Gym Tsunami Cambridge

15 Riddick Palka vs Aaron Rolfe 70kg
Chapel Rock Fight Gym Elite Gym

14 Abanoub Fares vs Jack Bartlett 64kg
SBG Cork Avaddon MMA

13 Ricky Jackson vs Jakub Adamski HW
Essex Precision Boxing Club Elite Gym

12 Andy Nunn vs Nic Ademaj 80kg
The Bat Cave Elite Gym

INTERVAL 15 minutes

11 Arron Young vs Kacper Ozog 80kg
Chapel Rock Fight Gym Tsunami Cambridge

10 Jake Watkins vs Alan Wycherley 84kg
SFC/Stockport MMA Tsunami Norfolk

9 Brent Rose vs Raven Hunn 84kg
Dungeon MMA Elite Gym

8 Luke Adams vs Tariq Pell 74cw
Hammers Gym Tsunami Norfolk

7 Havid Jama vs Jack Purdy 64kg
Eagle Kickboxing Mamba Martial Arts

INTERVAL 15 minutes

6 Ryan O'Connor vs Stefano Catacoli 66kg
SBG Cork Unity Fight Club/10th Planet

5 Mikey Brown vs Eric Robanov 73kg
Lloyds Total Fitness Avaddon MMA

4 Mikey Jones vs Nathan Cubley 84kg
Hammers Gym Tsunami Norfolk

3 Carrie Whitworth vs Carla McKenzie 75kg
Chapel Rock Fight Gym Assassins Gym

2 Flobater Fares vs Alex Andrews 64kg
SBG Cork Avaddon MMA

1 Harrison Hartley vs Lee Shulver 61kg
Chapel Rock Fight Gym Mamba Martial Arts

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