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Contenders 29
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


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Quinton De Vreught vs Jahreau Shepherd - WW MMA Title
Nicholas Savio vs Javid Basharat - BW MMA Title
Sebastian Thrun vs Silva Lopez Jose Rui - 93kg K1
Anton Franjiic vs Felix Kinkhammer - WW MMA
Quentin Alves vs Festus Ahorlu - FW MMA
Marco Zannetti vs Farid Basharat - BW MMA
Jamie Pearce vs Jakub Adamski - HW Boxing
Suleman Nadeem vs Aaron Rolfe - 73kg Boxing
Sevan Taupin vs Rhodri Colman - 82kg MMA
Ayoub Nabi vs Ordis Lila - LW MMA
Adam Steele vs Joel Thomas - 68kg Boxing
Mel Dodds vs Carla McKenzie-Le-Roy - 77kg Boxing
Jude Parnell vs Marius Knystautas - HW MMA
Claran Brannigon vs Farys Raia - 64kg Boxing
Jeremy Gillet vs Joe Lubbock - 74kg MMA
Dan Jones vs Nahan Tomlinson - 76kg Boxing

Fight Card Subject to Change

Poster and Selected Action

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