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FEN 31
Lotos Fight Night
Official Replay

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Daniel Rutkowski VS Adrian Zielinski
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Paweł Trybała VS Łukasz Borowki
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Fight Card

Daniel Rutkowski 7 Adrian Zielinski
Paweł Trybała 6 Łukasz Borowki
Adam Kowalski 5 Marcin Wojcik
Sebastian Romanowski 4 Jonas Magard
Marcin Naruszczka 3 Ivan Cosic
Kacper Formela 2 Arnold Quero
Marcin Filipczak 1 Saeed Younsi


FEN Federation has arrived on FITE! On November 28th live on FITE is the next gala night of FEN Federation - it's FEN 31: Lotos Fight Night!

The fight of the evening will be a rematch between Daniel Rutkowski and Adrian Zielinski. Two championship belts in the featherweight category are on the line: FEN and Babylon. The winner of the match wins the belts and titles. Who will take all - Daniel Rutkowski or Adrian Zielinski?

Adam Kowalski and Marcin Wojcik will compete for the FEN championship belt in the light-heavyweight category.

Tune in, order today and watch on FITE!

*fight card is subject to change

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