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Fusion Fight League
Fights Under the Lights 6
Official Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Don't miss Fusion fight League next Fights Under the Lights 6 live on FITE!

Fight Card:

PRO HVY Jeremy Spelts 4-3 vs Travis Wiuff 77-22-1
PRO 145lbs Gase Senita 0-1 vs Courtney King 3-1
HEAVY Kody Shupe vs Corey Willis 13-0
135lbs Title bout Barb Cueller 1-2 vs Asia Negron 2-0
195lbs Klinton Brown 0-1 vs Chris Willis 1-0
170lbs Danny Shine 5-4 vs Vlasslav Rybalka 2-0
145lbs Dean Cotton 3-2 vs Brandon Honsvick 3-1
180lbs Kole Richmond 4-3 vs Nick Grammens 2-0
155lbs Austin Burshia 1-0 vs Justin Krietel 2-3
135lbs Austin Atkinson 1-0 vs AJ Craig 3-3
145lbs Garrett Grefe 1-0 vs Rogelio Udabe 0-0

Poster and Selected Action

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