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Hard Fighting Championship (HFC) 13
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included
Jonathan Bosuku VS Aymard Guih
- DRAW -
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Fight Card

Jonathan Bosuku DRAW Aymard Guih
Massaba Avognicko 13 Ramzi Salimi
Anthony Salanowski 12 Julien Lopez
Jean-Jaques Calorendi 11 Alim Kadiev
Thomas Soltani 10 Thibault Ropp
Kendra Wilczynski DRAW Melanie Jaquerez
Skikem Bouali 8 Youri Panada
Alvin Lowenski 7 Maxime Giacalone
Karrar Hammodi 6 Jonathan Guessele
Anass Mehraz 6 Irmac Ulas
Ionel Catalin Gheorghe 5 Akram Benali
Sebastien Nicolas 3 Badr Medhkouri
Eddy Ali DRAW Jean Christophe Vigne
Fred Morin DRAW Lorenzo Campanella


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15. BOSUKU Jonathan vs AYMARD Ghuy
14. GHEORGHE Ionel-Catalin vs AKRAM Benali
13. BOURCHERF Soufiane vs tba
12. HAMODI Karrar vs GUESSELE Jonathan
11. MAHRAZ Annas vs ULAS Irmac
10. LOWENSKI Alvin vs GIACALONE Maxime
9. SKIKEM Bouali vs PANADA Youri
8. NICOLAS Sebastien vs MEDHKOURI Badr
7. SOLTANI Thomas vs ROPP Thibault
6. CALORENDI Jean-Jacques vs KADIEV Alim
5. AVOGNICKO Massaba vs SALIMI Ramzi
3. ALI Eddy vs VIGNE Jean Christophe
2. SALANOWSKI Anthongy vs LOPEZ Julien
1. MORIN Fred vs CAMPANELLA Lorenzo

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