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Back Breakers
Headlocks and Heartbreaks
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays


Debuting on Saturday Dec. 21st 2019, come watch Back Breakers Entertainment in a way you've never seen before in its first ever Video on Demand PPV: ""Headlocks and Heartbreaks"" full length event! Event will feature the BBE and BBTC students and wrestlers, as well as a variety of local independent stars. Also included will be a Battle Royal for the #1 contenders spot, where the final two participants will face of against each other for the now vacant BBE Heavyweight Championship later that night! This event is at the low price of just $4.99 and is an exclusive brought to you by FITE!


1) Clay Drasher vs Andy Header
2) M3 Mike Mitchell vs Harszang vs Criss Harsche
3) Matt Turner vs Tucker Riley
4) BBE Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal
5) Diamond City War Machines vs Team Coachfit
6) Cyrus Mars vs Marc Mesmer
7) Adena Steele vs Kimberly Spirit
8) Ken Andrews vs Danny Hamel
9) Rex Taylor vs Jak Molsonn

Poster and Selected Action

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