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Hype FC Rumble in The Cage 10
Official PPV Live Stream

  • Bell Time
    Apr 27, 12PM ET/9AM PT
  • Genres
    Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai
  • Channel
    Fight24 -
  • Venue
    Pier2, Gröpelinger Fährweg 6, 28237 Bremen, Germany
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*Included unlimited replays


Main Event, 93kg
Koray Cengiz vs Ghassan Abdenabi

Furkan Gencer vs Timo Stendal - 72,5kg
Belen Yantaki vs Kerim Hudur - 72,5kg

Muay Thai 3x2min, 72kg
Michael Stölzer vs Ehsanullah Muhammadi

K1 3x3min, +95kg
Mohammad Dolatmandi vs Mahmoud Korngiebel

MMA 3x5min, 84kg
Farbot Fadami vs Max Schlegel

K1 3x2min, 86kg
Jaime Cordero vs Renke Eilers

K1, 3x2min, 61kg
Pia Peters vs Tanja Huth


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