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KSW 55
Scott Askham vs Mamed Khalidov 2
PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays till November 10th, 2020
Scott Askham VS Mamed Khalidov
  Last Six
15 - 4 - 0 Record 35 - 8 - 2
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60% KOs 40%
6'3" Height 6'0"
185 lbs Weight 186 lbs
34 Age 42
Poland Country Poland
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Michał Materla VS Aleksandar Ilic
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Fight Card

Scott Askham 8 Mamed Khalidov
Michał Materla 7 Aleksandar Ilic
Damian Janikowski 6 Andreas Gustafsson
Tomasz Romanowski 5 Ion Surdu
Damian Stasiak 4 Patryk Surdyn
Przemysław Mysiala 3 Stjepan Bekavac
Krystian Kaszubowski 2 Jakub Kamieniarz
Karolina Marta Wojcik 1 Sylwia Juskiewicz


On October 10th KSW 55 will be live on FITE! The main event of the evening is the fight between Scott Askham and Mamed Khalidov. This is second time they will meet on the ring! Their first fight was at KSW 52 when Askham defeated Khalidov with unanimous decision. Who will be the winner this time? Who will become the new KSW Middleweight Champion? Do not miss this & stay tuned for more!

Poster and Selected Action

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