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KSW 61
Mariusz Pudzianowski vs Lukasz Jurkowski
PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Included unlimited replays till July 6th, 2021
Mariusz Pudzianowski VS Lukasz Jurkowski
Last Six  
17 - 7 - 0 Record  
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59% KOs  
  75% Votes 25%  
Salahdine Parnasse VS Filip Pejic
14 - 1 - 1 Record  
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14% KOs  

Fight Card

Mariusz Pudzianowski 9 Lukasz Jurkowski
Salahdine Parnasse 8 Filip Pejic
Darko Stosic 7 Michał Kita
Patrik Kincl 6 Tomasz Romanowski
Roman Szymański 5 Donovan Desmae
Karolina Owczarz 4 Monika Kucinic
Ivan Erslan 3 Przemysław Mysiala
Damian Stasiak 2 Andrey Lezhnev
Adam Niedźwiedź 1 Jakub Kamieniarz


On June 5th KSW 61 is live on FITE! In the main event Mariusz Pudzianowski takes on Lukasz Jurkowski
in a 265lbs division bout. Who will come out on the top? Join FITE and find out!

Salahdine Parnasse vs Filip Pejic
Michal Kita vs Darko Stosic
Tomasz Romanowski vs Patrik Kincl
Roman Szymanski vs Donovan Desmae
Karolina Owczarz vs Monika Kucinic
Przemyslaw Mysiaia vs Ivan Ersian
Damian Stasiak vs Andrey Lezhnev
Jakub Kamieniarz vs Adam Niedzwiedz

*fight card subject to change

Poster and Selected Action

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