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Legends Of The Black Sea
Official PPV Replay

* Available in the United States
* Unlimited replay included


Fight card:
Adrian Cibu vs. Constantin Rusu
Ozel Mustafa vs. Cristian Stoica
Marvin Belecclu vs. Daniel Pattvean
Ionut Popa vs. Cosmun Marcuta
Fernando Pascal vs. Vlad Hurduc
Tobias Blumenstengel vs. Alex Voicu
Fabio Canitano vs. Costin Mincu
Paul Leipi vs. Madalin Cracuinica
Dung Kuang Adrian Rosca
Robin Salehi Saraje vs. Danut Harduc
Slawka Wiimer vs Cristian Milea
Tim Muller vs. Amansio Paraschiv

Poster and Selected Action

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